2015 feather swap

here is the submission for the event that will end on March 31

1. Richard Arveaux

I don’t know if someone else would consider it art. But, as someone that finds tools the art of making something that’s long lasting and functional, this is one of the basic tools humanity first learned to make in order to create other pieces. Pieces like this are often overlooked, but never underused!  I’ve been playing with wood on and off my entire life, and at 72 years of age, I finally understood how important a role, wood has played in the construction of the planet!  This mallet measures aproximatly 15 inches long and 8 inches wide.  The backer board is a piece of curly maple off cut, and the mallet is made from fiddleback ambrosia maple.  Both pieces were given to me by the guy I buy my wood from, he said these boards were in his way and he had to move them constantly to get to other stuff he was selling.  So the only cost involved is the labor of love of making something nice and useful.
Julie Wolf
 I started making cabochons a few years ago. To work the stone you need a wet saw edged in diamond and diamond grinding wheels with a steady trickle of water running over the stone to prevent it from over heating. after the stone has been ground to the desired shape there is a long and intense session of sanding the stone until it is smooth and shinny.  unlike wood where you put a finish on the wood to protect it stone is best shown when it has been sanded and polished as high as 100, 000 grit polishing compound.  Stone and wood go together hand in hand, both are warm and earthy. that is why I went away from traditional metal backed jewelry and began to place my stones into the wood to frame the stone. the jewelry feels solid and more alive when it has been combined with wood.
This is my first turning and first inlay it was interesting learning how to mount the wood on the lathe to keep from getting hurt. The inlay was much easier then I thought. When I first saw a stone inlay in one of Dan Clark projects I thought the process was super complicated but it just ended up being cut the image out, glue some stone in and then sand it flush.   the wood is crab apple and the stone is chrisacolla.
Daniel Clark
Recently I have come interested in making lamps.  the combination of mixed materials and images and then add in a light creates a lot of depth and interest plus hopefully someone will be able to use it for a  night light.  I made the base out of wormy white oak and the top and stripes out of teak.

Bill wilson
This is a small keepsake box about 5″x5″ made out of Peruvian Walnut and Curly Maple. I used a mixture of power tools and hand tools.  I wish I could say the inlay was an original idea but I borrowed it from this you tube post https://www.youtube….h?v=BNqIXp2rnPQ I essentially followed the steps in this video with a few small changes to make the compass rose and then cut recessed the inlay using chisels. The box itself was rough cut and milled using power tools.  The dovetails are hand cut and the finish dimensioning was doe with hand planes.  The finish is a few coats of Watco salad bowl finish which I had left from some cutting boards I made which i believe is essentially Tung oil.
 maple box with inlay