recently I have begun sharing my experience  by writing for a free online magazine. I am proud and excited to share what I know with Weekend Warrior Wood Working.  Weekend Warrior Wood Working is a magazine written by the common every man. The articles within its covers represent the knowledge and projects built by average garage wood workers who work 5-3 and then work in the shop from 3-5. if you would like to be a contributor or just read a free magazine then please  check out the magazine


My art will be exhibited at FeedArts Gallery

Feed Arts & Cultural Center provides an environment for visual and performing artists of all levels and ages to pursue their work and to broaden their knowledge of the role of art in contemporary society. The mission of Feed is to encourage and nurture emerging and established artists and to increase the appreciation and understanding of the arts within the Kankakeeland communities through classes, workshops, outreach, exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and other cultural events. It is our ultimate hope that Feed can provide a space where people from various backgrounds and worldviews can come together to find common ground and a vision of friendship, solidarity, and empowerment in the community.


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